Lukman Adeoti

Peace Education and Practice Network

PEPNET is one of the most impactful peacebuilding organizations in Africa. In order to represent its mission to creatively teach children, teenagers, and young adults peace education, we have developed this logo that symbolizes knowledge, wisdom and peace and while retaining re-simplifying the elements of the old logo.


The brief was simple yet complicated at the same time. PEPNET had an old logo they wanted to maintain some of its components. They wanted a new logo that communicates peace education. The logo concept was influenced by the old logo. Then some symbols of peace, education, and network were adopted. For instance the dove’s wings were considered. 


PEPNET, an organization known for its impactful work in peacebuilding across Africa, needed a logo redesign that would creatively teach children, teenagers, and young adults about peace education and effectively communicate their mission and values.


As the sole designer on the project, I spent time researching PEPNET’s core values and mission to gain valuable insights that were used to inform the design process. The concept was to create a design that would symbolize knowledge, wisdom, and peace while simplifying the elements of the old logo.


The result was a logo that effectively communicated the values and mission of PEPNET while also exuding simplicity and elegance. The logo symbolized knowledge, wisdom, and peace, effectively teaching children, teenagers, and young adults about peace education. Overall, working on this project alone not only sharpened my design thinking skills but also gave me a sense of fulfillment knowing that I was part of an initiative aimed at fostering peace education across Africa.

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