Lukman Adeoti

ABDLAS Logistics

ABDLAS Logistics is a fast-growing haulage and logistics company in Nigeria. 


Thorough research was conducted to understand the logistics industry and its connotations. Safety, fastness, efficiency, and reliability were identified as key attributes for the logo design.


ABDLAS desires a logo that communicates its vision and mission of bringing safety to the forefront while achieving excellence by providing fast, efficient, and reliable logistics solutions in such a way that does not compromise safety at all times.

abdlas logo

The letter “A” from the company initials was used as a letter mark to represent the company and its activities. A semi-truck icon was extracted from the lower part of the letter “A” to symbolize the logistics aspect of the business. Geometric shapes, specifically an ellipse, were incorporated at the feet and shoulder of the letter “A” to convey efficiency. The semi-truck symbol was duplicated twice to represent fastness. The colors orange and blue, commonly used in the transport industry, were chosen. Blue represents reliability and dependability, while orange represents efficiency. The typeface Metropolis was selected to convey the company’s ability to transform its customers’ experience.


The final design is a logo that effectively communicates ABDLAS Logistics’ vision and mission. The logo represents the company’s commitment to safety, fastness, efficiency, and reliability in the logistics industry. The combination of the letter mark, semi-truck icon, geometric shapes, colors, and typeface creates a visually appealing and meaningful logo that represents the brand identity of ABDLAS Logistics.

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